Are Light or Mild Cigarettes Safer to Smoke?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All kind of tobacco is harmful, no matter how it is packaged, said researchers. For example they found that smoking tobacco described as 'light' and 'mild' is not better for health and is not safer to smoke compared with smoking regular tobacco.
Light or Mild Cigarettes
Researchers reported that the tobacco industry has promoted light and mild cigarettes as 'safer' or as an alternative to quitting, when all along it has known that these products are not better for health, or safer to smoke, than regular tobacco.

A recent research, from New Zealand, showed that the tar and nicotine content of light cigarettes is comparable to regular cigarettes, and that light cigarettes might deliver more carbon monoxide than regular cigarettes.

Real people smoke light brands very differently to regular cigarettes. For example smokers when smoke 'light' cigarettes, they inhale more deeply, hold smoke in the lungs for longer, cover manufactured cigarette ventilation holes with the fingers or mouth, or smoke more frequently.

In another study researchers studied 2709 smokers and they reported that 36% smoked light or mild cigarettes. Those smokers who smoke light and mild cigs were asked why they smoked these types, and 23% gave some health-related reason for their choice, and a further 5% thought that light or mild cigarettes were less addictive and made it easier to quit.

The New Zealand Commerce Commission recently warned the tobacco industry to remove the light and mild descriptions from tobacco products, because they trick smokers about the health risks of smoking.

Even this last research proved smokers once again that there are no health benefits of smoking light cigarettes, and the only way to avoid the dangers of smoking is to give up all together.

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