This year cigarette butts are in fashion

Friday, January 16, 2009

It seems that smoking can be more useful than it seems to be. Thanks to new technologies and to a wonderful and ingenious garment designer Alexandra Guerrero, cigarette buts become trendy clothes.

Butts that are thrown everywhere can be of great help for economy and for fashion world. It’s known that butts need decades to decay and new trend can be a new era for recycling sphere. According to ButtsOut, around 4.3 trillion cigarette butts are discarded around the world each year. As Guerrero said, she needs about 5,000 cleaned and recycled cigarette butts to design a dress, a vest, a hat a poncho and even some soap. Of course, garments aren’t made 100% of cigarette buts but are mixed with natural sheep wool.
cigarette butts

Due to a special technology of recycling, Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero make stylish, durable and eco-friendly clothing.

Environmental engineer Carolina Leiva conducted a study and determined that the cleaned cigarette butts are 95% pure, safe enough for use and wear.

The process of butts recycling begins in special autoclaves. Then the cigarette butts are washed in a polar solvent, put back in an autoclaves, rinsed, dried and then shredded. Once cleaned the recycled cigarette fiber is dyed different colors and separated by color. The colored cigarette fibers are then spun together with natural sheep wool. This end fabric is what is used to make the clothing and about 10% of the fabric is recycled cigarette butts.

Alexandra Guerrero is ready to increase her “eco-friendly garment production” and she can realize her ideas as butts are in plenty.

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